New semester=New signups

Heyyy you, TU Delft student!! The first semester of this academic year ended and this means Delft United is opening the sign ups for next semester. Every six months we welcome new members to join us and make their time as student a little more spicy.

You’ll get the chance to explore some of the oldest and biggest student association in Delft and participate to fun activities. With both International and Dutch student wanted, one of our goal is to improve integration and offer an internationally oriented student association.

Also if you’re a Master’s, Exchange or bridging student and you will be attending the Introduction Program (IP) on February 2020, you can find us at the Info Bazar at Aula (TU Delft campus) between 13.00 and 16.00 on Wednesday 5th. If you have any question regarding us come by and you will be able to talk with us. Otherwise send us an email.

Link to the sign up form

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